To say The Dapper Doughnut is the highest quality doughnut experience around is very true. Serving hot mini doughnuts and an exceptional experience is at the core of what we do – but we are also so much more.

Our History

As boys, franchise veterans Jeff and Brian Pappas grew up going to Schultz’s farm in Armonk, NY to grab a hot fresh doughnut. The line would always be around the building no matter what time of day. They’d buy a dozen doughnuts and before they got back home they’d be gone. Schultz’s farm is no longer around but the memories of those incredible fresh doughnuts remained.

Fast forward to 2015 when Brian and Jeff decided to find a business partner who was already running this business (hot mini doughnuts) successfully. They came across Jimmy Nuccio and Gabriel Wiesen of Beavers Coffee + Donuts in Chicago. They got together and all shared this incredible passion for fresh doughnuts made to order. Beavers also took it a step further with the development of their innovative topping variations and customization.

In 2015, they soon decided to join forces and establish “The Dapper Doughnut”. Today we have set out to be a different doughnut company.

“At first glance, the pint-size morsels at The Dapper Doughnut may seem like your average fried doughnut, but they’re not and the shop’s toppings are anything but ordinary.”
– Kelly Jones

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our hand-crafted doughnuts, enchanting toppings, and exceptional service for everyone that walks into our shop.

We are really so much more than a shop and we put so much care into everything we make for our customers. We are committed to the highest quality when it comes to product and customer service. We believe in forming a community around our brand and our passion for excellence shines through.