At a The Dapper Doughnut shop it’s all about the doughnuts. They’re always made fresh and to order – right in front of you. All you have to do is taste one of our hot mini doughnuts and you’ll be hooked. There is a huge difference between our hot mini doughnuts and traditional doughnuts that are made in the morning and kept on a shelf all day. In fact, when you stop by one of our shops just ask for a FREE SAMPLE and we’ll gladly make one for you – whatever flavor you want on our menu. We expect our brand to eventually be known as the best doughnut in the country.

The Dapper Doughnut shop is designed to celebrate the unique process of creating each mini doughnut as the customer orders. The Dapper Doughnut customer values the transparency of this process, so the doughnut-making assembly line has been placed front and center in the customer experience. Each doughnut is treated as precious and presented as such. Because packaging plays an active role in establishing brand identity and setting the product apart from others, our specialty boxes are incorporated as a design feature in the shop to visually reinforce our unique approach to doughnuts. Like the brand itself, the shop has a playful and whimsical, yet sophisticated quality in its fixtures and finishes. Painted brick, wood and concrete lend a variety of textures to create interest, while remaining neutral, and colorful graphic stripes in varying scales add a whimsical touch that also catches the customer’s eye and coordinates with the overall brand identity.