Claudio Pietrantonio, an international-level figure skater, wished to give himself the challenge, on top of the countless hours sacrificed to training, to introduce the concept of gourmet, hot mini doughnuts to his hometown. After having studied in Computer Science, he has found something he is passionate in pursuing.

Tristan Piluso, a marketing student at Concordia University, saw the opportunity to use the skills he is learning at school to fulfill his dream of having his own business. Extremely passionate and always ready to work with people, he is determined on growing The Dapper Doughnut into a successful doughnut shop in Laval that is focused on bringing the utmost customer experience.

The Dapper Doughnut shop is designed to celebrate the unique process of creating each mini doughnut to the customer’s order. The Dapper Doughnut customer values the transparency of this process, so the doughnut-making assembly line has been placed front and center in the customer experience. Each doughnut is treated as special and presented as such. Because packaging plays an active role in establishing the brand identity and setting the Dapper Doughnut product apart from others, our specialty boxes are incorporated as a design feature in the shop to visually reinforce our unique approach to doughnuts. Like the brand itself, the shop has a playful and whimsical, yet sophisticated quality in its fixtures and finishes.