Our Coffee

Along with The Dapper Doughnut’s very own coffee brand, we have partnered up with renowned Italian coffee brand, Tonino Lamborghini Espresso.

Tonino Lamborghini hands over all his history into a cup of an Excellent Espresso. The Italian high quality style embraces the natural tendency for perfection of the brand of the Bull. The accurate procedures of selection of the green coffee beans, the sophisticated phases of production, roasting, and warehouse and the strict manufacturing inspections: all these processes create very high quality blends, that can satisfy also the most expert and demanding palates. Enclosed in an exclusive packaging, Tonino Lamborghini Espresso gives to those who taste a blaze of sensations, an unmistakable aroma, a full, enveloping and inimitable taste: the taste of the true Italian espresso.

The Dapper Doughnut Coffee

Our Dapper Doughnut coffee is 100% Guatemalan coffee roasted to a medium body profile with a smooth finish and very light acidity. It is an easy to drink medium roast. It is also a rainforest alliance certified coffee.

Tonino Lamborghini Espresso
“Black Blend”

Alta Mogiana Arabica and high quality Robusta come together to create an amazingly easy to work with espresso and an extremely consistent cup result. A full-bodied blend, with a barely perceived acidity. In the taste there are hints of toasted bread while in the aftertaste there are perceptions of bitter cocoa and spices.