There was a man that loved doughnuts so very much that he taught a girl the love of doughnuts. They met in a gym, trained together, enjoyed eating healthy, and growing their businesses together. But their most favorite date nights of all were cheat nights that ended with doughnuts….

Let me introduce ourselves. The man is Kevin Lacy, owner of Blueprint Fitness, dog lover, kind hearted, goal driven, a beast in the gym, self control that will blow anyone’s mind, lover of all good things to eat, but most importantly enjoys the amazing excuse of getting to be a kid again with our kids. The girl he taught to love doughnuts and all good things in life is Teresa Lacy, who he made his wife and gained a family. She is the boss of all bosses, owner of a consulting business, marketing guru, amazing mother, enjoys training, reading, and most of all being a mother to their three beautiful kids. She loves watching them grow, play travel baseball, swimming on the school swim team, school tennis matches, school football, dancing, drama…you name it we are there! As you can see we are busy and we are not bias to any sport!

Together we love fitness and eating healthy, however, life is about balance. On the 7th day we rest from the gym, and we enjoy foods that we love and that make us smile. Our other business’s reflect our life six days a week, owning a gym and a consulting business. We prayed about a business that would be ours as a family. A business we could grow and be a vessel to make an impact in our community. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to share the joy and the love of our 7th day. Our cheat day! As the saying goes, it’s always cheat day somewhere (well, maybe that’s our saying!). There is always someone enjoying a well deserved day off from the gym, enjoying a long awaited vacation with their loved ones, a small treat after a show, or someone that wants to bring some joy to someone else in their life.

We fell in love with the Dapper Doughnut. You may see us at the store selling doughnuts with our kids. If you do, please say Hi! We love watching the pure joy of everyone’s face when they put a Dapper Doughnut in their mouth for the very first time! Our kids Cole, Troy and Carly love sharing the joy and being with us to grow our business together as a family. The kids beg to come and they are good at it!
We are very excited, and feel blessed, to have the opportunity to share the joy of sweet, classy doughnuts with you while you shop, or at your wedding, in your office, even at your school! We want to bring them to you everywhere you will be.

We spend time as a family deciding together on how we can share the blessings even more by giving back to our community and around the world. I hope you join us and follow us as our story unfolds. Our dream and mission is to reach as many people in the community as possible, and to make a difference as a family that goes way beyond delicious, hot, fresh doughnuts!