We Offer 3 Blends

​The ​Dapper Doughnut​ coffee derives from premium grade green coffee beans from Africa, Central and South America, and Indonesia​. The beans​ ​are delivered to our roasting facility in Las Vegas, NV. We roast the beans manually in our gas fired drum roaster in small batches weighing around 10 lbs per batch, and only roast the amount needed to fulfill current orders. We follow unique roast profiles (time vs temp) that we have developed for each different type of coffee bean. By manually roasting in small batches, as opposed to large computer driven roasters, we are able to gently break down the acids and caramelize the sugars in the coffee beans and produce a product that is balanced and doesn’t have the bitter or charred flavors often found in low end mass produced coffee. As a final step, in order to preserve the freshness of the coffee until it is brewed and served, we use food grade nitrogen to flush away oxygen in the coffee bag before heat sealing it. This prevents oxidation of the coffee oils and significantly extends the time that the packed coffee will retain its fresh roasted flavor.


This medium roast blend contains beans from two different regions to gain more complexity. The primary coffee in this blend is rare coffee beans from the small landlocked country of Burundi.

Red Rock

Our medium dark roast combines coffee from three different continents. The primary coffee in this blend comes from family owned farms located on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.


The darker roast blend contains a medium creamy body with dark chocolate, molasses, roasted hazelnut, caramel flavor.